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From the fusion and cultural union existing in Spain, a unique and singular artistic expression: the Spanish Classical Dance and Flamenco (cultural heritage of UNESCO).
Romatic Corp. in association with Triana Productions is pleased to present this Spanish story through world-renowned musical moments.
The artistic explosion of this distinct race and the dramatic essence of his spirit, using recognized pieces of flamenco art.
The flexibility in the number of components of the group gives it the ease of adaptation to all types of rooms and theaters where it is presented.

Romance Flamenco has been touring already in Morocco with a program of strong Arab influence, reaping enormous success in different venues of this country.
From 2009 to 2011 this production has been performed in the prestigious Dinner Show SON AMAR, in Mallorca.
From there, the company moved to Las Vegas where had participation with their peculiar style in the production "Battle of the Dances".
After a tour of several cities in the UAE, also partipating in the show "Mirlando", a production by Rolf and Gregory Knie, for SALTO NATALE, co-produced by Cirque du Solei, in Zurich.
During January and February 2015, the company participates with their characteristic expression of Spanish art, in the show "The Trip" in the theater GOP of Hannover and also in the program TV show "Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde" for TV5 in France, in December 2015.
Recently, the company has had participation in several land events of cruise company Royal Caribbean.

Art Director


Costumes Designer

Female Flamenco Dancers
Male Flamenco Dancers

Cantaores (Flamenco Singers)
Cajas Flamencas(Flamenco Percussionist)
Flamenco Guitar

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