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David Vega, the Bubble Wizard

This is a very good show for all the members in the family. With two different acts, where you will see various shapes with the beatifull bubbles. They will captivate the audience of all ages. No matter you age, or if you attend this act alone or with your beloved ones, you will feel high emotions when you watch it.
This is a theatrical work where the habilities of David Vega fit toguether with other artistic disciplines, like Magic and Comedy, creating a funny and fairy world.

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5th Element Bubble Show

The 5th Element represents the matter forming the planets, the stars and all the worlds beyond ours. This show brings the bubbles to artistic creations that overflow the dimension where our senses usually move: Small bubbles bouncing on the hand, vertical sculptures, impossible constructions with bubbles that become even square, gigantic sizes never seen before... Pumps made with smoke with water vapor, helium.
Enjoy multitude of inventions and gadgets, and collaborate with the creativity of the artist to add this show the more ethereal and exalted ingredient of all: The Fifth Element, it belongs more to our dreams that to reality.

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Magic Bubbles

The magic is usually what the magicians do without an apparent logical explanation. But also the nature astonishes us with phenomenon to which the human eye cannot find rational explanation. In Starlight Palace, the bubbles will be transformed into natural wonder and inexplicable magic. Perhaps we have never seen a pomp become a ball of fire, or with a form of giant snake moving in the air, or a person within one of these ephemeral and delicate beings.
In this magical spectacle is very likely to happen.

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